Monday, July 05, 2010

Are you listening?

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Register your details if you have a phone in Fiji, your photo too. Cameras will be busy clicking it seems. The main details are already known by the service providers so surely this is a duplication. And what's a face got to do with it? Maybe someone is troubled by crank calls, but this is a bit intrusive. This was in the news last week and again today. Those decrees are keeping someone busy. There are already about 1 and a half million mobile phones in Fiji - that's two to each person, but of course many are broken, lost, given away. Can people register on-line, or by mobile phone with a photo, or wait for someone to door-knock? Who will have access to the complete lists? Will someone be tempted to make some money by selling these lists e.g. to a call centre such as Mindpearl. Will tourists have to register their phones too, or other visitors to Fiji?
From Fiji Village.
All phone users need to fully register
Publish date/time: 06/07/2010 [17:15]
All users of Telecom Fiji phones, Vodafone Fiji, Digicel and INKK mobiles will have to fully register with their service providers within a month to avoid the termination of their phone service.

According to the cabinet decision, the Telephone Services Decree has been approved and the details to be registered are the full name, date of birth, photo identification, home address and parent's signature if the user is below 18 years.

The registration is compulsory under the decree.

Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has confirmed that under the new decree, telephone services will be suspended if people are not registered within the deadline.

Vodafone Fiji's Manager Corporate Affairs Shailendra Prasad said all phone users should now make the necessary arrangements to register as the decree is now being printed.

Prasad said Vodafone Fiji is already making a concerted effort in ensuring that all it's customers register. He stressed that everyone has to register and any previous registration will not be valid due to the new requirements. For Vodafone Fiji users, Prasad said customers can visit any of their outlets including the 118 M-Paisa agents around the country to register. He said they also have 250 field agents who are doing free house to house registration for the M-Paisa service. Prasad said customers can also register with these agents.

He stressed that people should not leave the registration to the last minute as you may have your service terminated due to non registration.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

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