Thursday, July 22, 2010

Testing upgrade

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For three days the computer was at the 'doctor' with viral infection which was fixed but then there was a major crash of hardware, the only solution to upgrade - a reconditioned hard drive so I'm testing out the various parts so here goes for the blog. Peceli's birthday was a mild day with no party planned this year, not like the 70th huge gig in Labasa four years ago. Anyway some friends called with gifts of wine, old and young, and then three of us just had Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner. Here are a couple of photos, one with little Nanise, daughter of a young friend, Christine. I noticed that the upgrade has me a bit confused as it works a bit differently - put Picasa pictures somewhere else, etc. One thing left to do is about email as it seems it has to be rejigged somehow. Anyway I can read webmail and facebook.

Hoorah, Wendy Junior has her little baby now, a girl, named after her husband Komai's mother. Lovely news from Lautoka.

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