Thursday, July 22, 2010

Water tanks for Mali Island

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Good news for the people in the villages and farm settlements of Mali Island with the gift of water tanks. What about Vorovoro - as they sometimes have trouble with water supply?From the Fiji Sun today:

Island gets timely help
The people of Mali Island in Vanua Levu were donated five 1100 litre water tanks by Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation. Mali Island Primary School teacher and a Peace Corps Volunteer, Christian Delich said the islanders were thankful to the donation.

“The people of Mali Island survive on rain water stored in water tanks for drinking and cooking,” Mr Delich said. He said water from a river on the island is not safe to drink.

“The people use river water for bathing and washing. It is difficult for them when there is no rain.” Filomena Koliniwai, 45, collected the tanks for the islanders at Labasa Town. We want to thank the Lions Club of Labasa for helping us to apply for help from the Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation.

“Thank you Lions Club for attending to our plight,” Mrs Koliniwai said. She added four villages and three settlements will benefit from the donation.

Club president Rosan Lal said the assistance was made possible through Vodafone’s initiative to raise funds through the Vodafone Red Alert programme. “We work in partnership with Vodafone ATH Foundation to deliver efficient services to people in the North,” Mr Lal said. He said that so far 12 applications have been approved.“Our focus is on sanitation and water to the needy and our club works best to accommodate as many as we can under the Vodafone Red Alert programme. This is to provide assistance to people who urgently need help.”

Foundation director Ateen Kumar said Vodafone strives to attend to the needs of people and provide the best service. “I hope that the people of Mali Island will make the best use of the tanks,” Mr Kumar said

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Richelle Loughney said...

I'm pretty sure they'll be making the best out of these tanks, it’s simply because water in their area is very scarce. They want to store as much rainwater as they could for bathing and cooking. Well, if they are going to use rainwater for cooking, I suggest that they should put it in a kettle and heat it up until it boils, so that there wouldn't be any bacteria that can possibly cause them to feel ill or sick.