Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Vorovoro and green power

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In the tribewanted website there is a new article about the beginning of green power in Vorovoro with solar panels and a wind turbine. This sounds a major step forward. Go to this link

Ecotricity energise tribe as power comes to Vorovoro
Posted : Mon Aug 06 03:18:54 UTC 2007

The power and the glory: a landmark day for Vorovoro
Tribe get green power solution on Vorovoro and enjoy a perfect day of weather. The ever changing island community will now be able to run its HQ from a couple of laptops in a thatched hut amongst the coconut palms, thanks to green electricity company Ecotricity.
My question: Was this a gift to tribewanted on Vorovoro? Or did someone have to pay for it? As far as I know solar energy is very expensive in Fiji to set up. So...


Atama said...

A UK renewable energy provider (Ecotricity) provided Tribewanted with sponsorship to purchase the equipment from a company in Suva. Effectively, they paid for Tribewanted to purchase the equipment.

They have an article on their website ->

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Tkhanks Atama, I thought so. Good publicity for them and if it works out well, an inspiration to small settlements/villages to think about green power.
I also read about tribewanted helping organize a fund-raising for electricity for the Mali District School. I guess the quote to wire up the school etc. is very high. I know the generator has been there for quite a while now. Peceli will probably visit you guys sometime as he is in Labasa at present.

Anonymous said...

Green power
I am in Labasa Town today and tomorow I will be in Vorovoro with grandsons and piqi
I have met the Tui Mali in town and I want to see the progress there

Pandabonium said...

Go green. Yet, we must focus on what truly benefits the community and provide power for that. So much in the first world is total waste and should not be looked upon as desirable.

Anonymous said...

That's not bad that they going green power. It's good to be alert on things like that and asking questions is not bad at the UK, that is expensive and, imagine the cost of that, 3x more into fijian dollars! hope it is not the 'vanua' to boot the bill!

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