Saturday, August 04, 2007

Suva Diary

from Peceli
Today I went for a walk with Andrew, Ilaitia and Pinky down Ragg Avenue and it was very enjoyable.
Our visit to the Father Law Retirement village today was very good because lots of the people we know were there doing the catering and selling items for the bazaar.
The Retirement Home is built on the foot of the hill past the Cement Factory in Lami area on the Queens Road highway. Three Catholic sisters are there and a part European from Savusavu from the Simpson family. They were happy to see the kids and they took special attention of Wendy Junior. Bale introduced the kids to them. Bale had been working there as part of the course she took last year. The photo below is of Margaret Simpson, Mary Fong and Sunita, and the othera above are of some of our family in Suva.

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Anonymous said...

Bula Ta Levu, Bale, Paira and the kids! Pinky and Wendy...well, gals, u 'ev grown into beautiful young women...bula to u too! Ta Levu, u still looking well and looking strong!...Meci.