Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Naduri Conference continued

from Peceli
Today is the third day of the Bose ko Viti. The weather is typical Babasiga in its fullness. The food is in abundance with kawai, dalo, yams, fish and turtles caught from the sea ahd shared out to every kitchen to be cooked and served to the Bose Ko Viti members. Naduri village looks good, full of people and so is Labasa Town which is overcrowded with people all over Fiji.

Regarding the photos in the previous post - the meke wesi dancers are the people from Sauniduna the interior of Wailevu close to Seaqaqa. They are Catholic Church members and we joined together as the vanua of Wailevu to give glory to God through their meke wesi. One of the photos is of Tui Wailevu during the traditional ceremony.

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