Wednesday, August 22, 2007

From Labasa to Suva via the Sofi

from Peceli

We arrived in Suva Monday morning and the weather was fine. As we approached Suva Passage about 6 45 am it looked good from a distance but more than 500 noisy passengers were ready to queue down to the first floor of the Sofi like a mob of sheep.

Then after breakfast in Namadi I was able to attend the Ministerial Session at Centenary Church. It was good to see our friends, ministers and members of the Conference.

The Meeting today (Wednesday) included the Soro (apology) from the vanua of Nakorotubu Ra. They presented this to the President of the Methodist church and the Conference members. There were about 100 people, old and young, that came to the Soro for the community’s past sins. It was amazing to see people overcrowding and more than expected to come and support to the work of the Solevu.

From the grandkids;
We caught the Labasa bus in town and it was hopeless. When we reached Vatuadova
every body called out goodbye. We came by the Labasa Bus to Savusavu and the bus was no good. It was very jumpy like a kangaroo and very noisy and was going very slow in the hills of Seaqaqa. The Sofi was overcrowded and full of people. We slept in the Saloon with Grandpa.

from Wendy
The Sofi name is short for Spirit of Fiji Islands and it goes a couple of times a week to Savusavu from Suva and back, and also goes to Koro Island and Taveuni Island. The roll on roll off ferry is owned and run by Consort Shipping in Suva. Phone Contacts Suva 3313266 Savusavu 885 0279. The ferry leaves from Narain Wharf in Walu Bay in Suva.


Anonymous said...

The name SOFI the spirit of Fiji is nice my grandson Jordan said to me.
The ship is to old unpainted the air condition doesn't work properly need to be replaced to suit its name

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Bula sia, watiqu sia! So Jordan said it's nice, yet it doesn't sound as good as the Adi Savusavu. No wonder you guys sat outside the saloon. Are you going back to Labasa on the Sofi then? How are the other members of the Conference getting to Labasa? By bilibili?