Monday, June 20, 2016

What a silly idea to promote yoga in schools

Yoga will be part of school curriculum

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Update: 2:31PM EDUCATION Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy announced today that yoga would be part of the primary and secondary school curriculum from this year.
Dr Reddy made the announcement at the International Day of Yoga celebrations at Sanatan Dharam Primary School in Nausori.
He said yoga would be implemented into the physical education period in schools and would benefit the students in their physical and mental health.

--------------------- Reddy backed down a bit and now says it won't be compulsory. That's better!

Yoga exercises optional, says Reddy

Charlene Lanyon
Wednesday, June 22, 2016
NO student will be forced to participate in yoga exercises although it will soon be part of the school curriculum in primary and secondary schools around Fiji.
Education Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy, at the International Day of Yoga celebrations in Nausori yesterday, announced that yoga would be implemented in all schools across the nation.
"It is a beginning of a new era in education, an era that we are trying to develop to contribute towards character building, towards securing a physically and mentally stable fitter Fiji.
"It won't be compulsory, but we as educators would want to provide a bundle of choice, a bundle of opportunity to our children," Dr Reddy said.
"The Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts have taken on the enterprise to implement this program in schools around the country via our physical education program as all schools are required to allocate time for students to participate in physical education. Within physical education, we can have various sports and what we intend to do is to start the period, whether it is a half day or a day, with at least half an hour devoted to yoga."
Dr Reddy said the practice of yoga would develop the students' physical and mental health.

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