Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Daryl Tarte's books on Fiji

One of the lads in our household picked out a book from the shelves - 'Fiji' by Daryl Tarte, published in 1988, a fictionalised version of life in Fiji - mainly from the point of the view of the Europeans living on Taveuni Island. It's not a bad read, but rather rushed and the disguise of real people is amusing with quite appropriate new names.
Now another book by Tarte has been published, this time by ANU in 2015 and is non-fiction. I hope it is better than the first book. It can be downloaded to read online. It's called 'Fiji: A Place Called Home'. Download book - OAPEN
by D Tarte - 2014
Fiji : A Place Called Home / Daryl Tarte. ISBN: 9781925022049 .... When we glance at a map of the world, Fiji is but a few dots in the vast Pacific. Ocean. In world ...

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