Thursday, June 30, 2016

Labasa Sugar Mill into action

from Fiji Sun:

Labasa Mill Cane Supply Normal After Slow Start

After a slow start the cane processing season, the sugarcane supply to the Labasa Mill has normalised.
Fiji Sugar Corporation executive chairman, Abdul Khan, attributed the slow start to the Vodafone Fiji Fact tournament which led to short supply to the mill.
“The cane supply to the mill have normalised and the reduction of lorries lining up near the mill is due to our ability to process all the cane quickly,” he said.
Other than the usual startup problems that are encountered at the beginning of the season, Mr Khan also confirmed they have had a motor failure.
But, he said they were able to bypass that and crushed as normal.
“We will have the motor fixed and online in a couple of days,” he said.
Other than this, Mr Khan said there aren’t any major challenges this early in the season.
“I think the good rapport between the farmers and ourselves is helping overcome any likely issues being faced,” he said.
As of yesterday morning, the Labasa Mill has processed about 35,000 metric ton of sugar cane.
“Based on our forecast, we should process 655,000 metric ton of cane this season for Labasa FSC mill,” he said.

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VitiMother-Earth 1213 said...

Wonder who they will sell the sugar to now seeing Britain has left EU. Would EU remain loyal to keeping its side of the bargain with Britain's baggage i.e Fiji & ACP countries? After all at the time they were taking sugar from Fiji to Europe, we were told it was just being dumped as Europeans preferred white sugar. It was because of the ACP deals that kept the trade deal going. Khan ought to tell Sugar Cane Farmers in Fiji the truth.