Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oh sister let's go down

from w,
One of the songs I like starts off with 'Oh brother, let's go down,' but now we have to put our 'sisters' first don't we!

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, well that is something for Australians and Pacific people to think about. I wonder how she will get on at the South Pacific Forum and in meeting up with Pacific leaders eh! Bye-bye Kevin Rudd, who conceded his growing unpopularity in as Labour caucus meeting this morning. Maybe he is a Nice man but he made too many mistakes it seems. Hey Julie, you don't need so much make-up. Keep it simple.

As I went down in the river to pray
Studying about that good old way
And who shall wear the starry crown
Good Lord, show me the way !

O sisters let's go down,
Let's go down, come on down,
O sisters let's go down,
Down in the river to pray.
And, later after watching the news:
We belong to a Fijian group that worships at Altona Meadows/Laverton which is right in the heart of Julia Gillard's electorate and her main office is in Werribee. Congratulations to Julia who is from this working class area. She says that she will continue to live n Altona rather than the Lodge in Canberra but wait and see as she will need a place to rest her head in that city. Isa, poor Kevin shed a tear, and he is a basically good man, so politics is rather brutal isn't it!

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