Thursday, June 03, 2010

God hears the faintest whisper

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A letter to the Editor of the Fiji Times discusses noise in Labasa town. Loud prayers. Surely God hears the faintest whisper from a troubled heart? The sound of silence.

Loud preachers

I REFER to correspondence by L Leone (FT 02/06) and V Naidu (FT 29/05). It seems the manner in which prayer services are conducted is going to be ongoing debate in Fiji. May I ask, if a group of people is to pray, why do some tear apart their throats in order to be heard?

All throughout childhood, a child is taught to pray in silence.

If one needs to see an example of a prayer service, make yourself available at the Methodist or Anglican Church in Labasa on a Sunday morning and see how Christians come to pray in a gracious, dignified manner.

And on the same note, go and stand outside Diamond Theatre on a Sunday for the 10am and 5pm "church" service, which simply has no regard for the community, as loud speakers and an over empowering musical band can be heard for miles down Naseakula Road.

Even Fijian members of the community have commented that such services only result in young people enjoying themselves. It is nothing but a slap in God's name on a Sabbath morning - a day which is supposed to be a day of rest.

And where is the town council in all this? These days one cannot keep a pet rooster in the backyard in Labasa town, as it is loud and pestering, yet it cannot have a noise control policy for religious groups?

I also take note of Mr Leone's article of the mosques being loud at 5am.

Just when is this religious debacle going to be resolved? Praise the Lord and may God bless Fiji.


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