Sunday, May 09, 2010

Fiji missionaries Allan Hatcher, Marj Hodge

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There's a finely written chapter in a book entitled 'High Tide: Australians doing business in Asia' that came out of South Australia. It's not about Asia but about Fiji and is based on interviews with two missionaries who went to Fiji from Australia. Rev Allan Hatcher and his wife of course, and Marj Hodge. I can't copy it here but you can find it to read on-line at High tide: Australians doing business in Asia - Google Books ResultDavid Harris - 1997 - Business & Economics - 165 pages. It's Chapter Five. Go to this website and click on the picture of the book cover. Or google the title of the book.

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Andrew Thornley said...

Well spotted Wendy! I enjoyed reading that chapter - the title of the book was a bit of a misnomer wasn't it? I remember meeting Allan Hatcher in 1971 when my wife and I were first in Fiji. He took us to a village in Rewa and the people crowded around to greet him, after which he showed some movies (reel to reel) with power supplied by a generator which he carried around with him in the car. How times have changed even in that short space of years.