Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A favourite Fiji food

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Our youngest son arrived at Melbourne airport and apart from many stories, he said something about liking a special kind of vegetable, duruka. Yes! It's only really in the markets around April and May but it's the season for this delicious food when cooked in coconut cream. It doesn't grow in Australia at all I think as I've never seen it here. It's related perhaps to sugar-cane even though it's called Fiji asparagus. One of the photos here is from yesterday's Fiji Times (the paper one this time)about some girls selling it on the road near Seaqaqa in Macuata and another from Bhaskarroo on flickr. It does grow in many parts of Fiji though and it's even put into cans by one or more companies in Fiji. But nothing can beat the taste of freshly cooked duruka.


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telur tebu(Saccharum edule) is very common in Malaysia,particularly in the state of Sarawak.We can find these sugar cane unopened flowers in local markets in the city of Kuching.They are mostly sold by the native vendors but in Kuching city,we also grow some for our own consumption.Most chinese cook them in mixed vegetables or add them into any vege soup.