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Some stats on migration away from Fiji

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from today's Fiji Times
- but in the details there are only references to occupation, not reasons for leaving Fiji such as for marriage, study, family re-union, economic opportunity, etc, nor is there an indication of the age of people leaving Fiji. I wonder how many went to USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and other places.There are other statistics such as Fiji's population on this website, but not much information since2007.
Bureau reveals migration data
Monday, March 01, 2010

A TOTAL of 13,798 Fiji citizens migrated from 2007 to August 2009.

The Fiji Islands Bureau of Statistics recorded 4949 locals migrating in 2007 and another 5391 in 2008.

For the first eight months of 2009, a total of 3458 workers migrated at an average of 432 per month.

The Bureau categorised these workers as legislators, senior officials and managers; professional workers, technicians and related workers, clerical workers; service workers; skilled craft and related workers; agricultural and fishery workers; plant and machine workers; elementary workers; armed forces and other workers.

In 2008, the most number of migrations were from the "others" category totalling 1600, followed by professional workers at 1398.

There were 198 service workers who left the country in the year including 369 legislators, senior officials and managers.

In 2009, there were 945 professional workers who left the country.

Most migrations occurred in 2009, totalling 569. February had the second largest volume of migrations at 463 followed by July with 427.

There were 1074 migrations by workers in the "others" category.

Only four migrations were from the armed forces compared to 13 in 2008.

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