Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How does your garden grow

from Peceli,
I took some photos this morning of our garden, though it's near the end of summer and most of the crops are nearly finished. We have had tomatoes, pumpkins, potatoes, chillies, sweet corn (though that was a bit tough), beetroot, Chinese spinach, silver beet, etc. and now cantelopes are started. If we lived in Brisbane we could also have taro and tropical crops but we are in the southern part of Australia. I am writing this to just show that it is easy to make good use of any space you have in your front or back yard to get a good supply of vegetables. In a country like Cuba when there was so much hunger with bans against them many years ago, the people grew vegetables even beside the roads. In Fiji no-one should ever be hungry because the soil is rich and vegetables are easy to grow. For those who live in flats, you can grow vegetables in pots on a small verandah.


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I love my garden most and Its really fantastic feeling I have for it. Its my life and I grow it with my full dedication. Always watering and changing its fertilizer at regular time. Its really important for it to grow it better.