Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A story about a casino

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I've written two short stories set in the Crown Casino Melbourne. This is the shorter one about a Pacific Islander Security Officer as many Islanders work in Security jobs. The idea came to me when a family I know got into heaps of trouble to do with gambling. The story is meant to be read aloud by softening some of the consonants and changing r to l, etc.! Malo lelei to any Tongan readers of this blog and my apologies if there is anything offensive here!

Mililei Security officer

My work is in Security and I thank the Lord that I have a job. My name is Mililei Fakalialiaafa’ola and my father is a noble, the Baron Isiliesa Potipotila’afu. Thank you Jesus that I have a good job at the Casino and I get sixteen dollars an hour just for being nice to people. My father back in Tonga, he don’t get that much money in one day.

Well, yesterday I go to the patron’s toilet because I’ve got to go quick ‘cause I’m pregnant you know, and I can’t hold my water and I can’t get to the staff one quick enough. I go to the one with the gold taps, you know, with the beautiful mirrors and the flowers and the lovely lights. Praise the Lord for the beautiful world we live in. Well, a lady there is crying so much she can’t stop. She looks a nice lady with her lovely black dress and her diamond earrings. She is as old as my Mum, Lady Ololiafa’alia’afiga. Thank you Jesus that my Mum is still alive and she loves the Lord. Yes.

I say to the lady, ‘Dear, what’s the matter?’ But she just cry and cry. She points to the door and I say to her, ‘Can I help you,’ then she say, ‘My husband won’t go home, he just won’t leave this place.’

I know what’s the matter then. Lots of husbands are here and they just won’t leave. Some even won’t go to the toilet, you know. True, it’s true. Thank you Jesus that I can talk to this lady. I say, ‘Calm down and sit down,’ but then I know the toilet is not a nice place to sit in so I take her to a small lounge away from the other people.

She say to me, ‘Get me a cup of tea, honey.’

Before I go, three men they come in with cameras and you know, cameras are not allowed here, so I stand up straight, show them my badge and say to them, ‘Take your cameras away. You get out of here quick!’

Then one man he say, ‘I just want a photo of the lady because her husband is in the news now because he just spent plenty million dollars that don’t belong to him.’

I just say, ‘Get out of here. Leave the nice lady alone.’

They get out and I talk to the crying lady as she drinks her tea. She say, ‘He is obsessed, honey, he is utterly obsessed. He looks for that high all the time but it is elusive.’

I don’t know the meaning of that word but my father, the Baron Isiliesa Potipotila’afu he know that word. But I know what she means because I see the look in the eye of the men and women here. They got the fire in their eye, just like some of the men and women in our church, the Westside Holy City Church. When we sing in the spirit, you know, when the Holy Ghost comes on you, you know, and your eyes are on fire. It’s the same thing. Well, not really. This other one’s from the devil in this place. Our pastor he tell me, ‘Mililei, you shouldn’t work in that bad place. Find another job.’ But I can’t leave because every day I say, Thank you Jesus that I got a job.

Well the lady, she smile at me and she thank me, but I feel sorry for her you know, and I tell her, ‘This is my address in Craigieburn. Anytime you lonely, you come and see me.’ Then she cry again. ‘I live near Craigieburn, honey,’ she tell me.

I smile when she call me honey every time because I look at my hands and arms and yes, they look the colour of honey. Aiwei.


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