Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Laucala Island

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The superlative photographs by Judith Ragg (hey Jude, I am only using the photos to show how lovely they are) and story by Stan Simpson in Mailife July 2009 show a constructed environment with beautiful arrangements of wood, stone, thatch and mainly earth colours. It is an extraordinary place, but of course the price of up to $35,000 a night is out of reach of most people, either in Fiji or any place! Is it just too much of a good thing? Do you need a bath, pool, jacuzzi? Anyway the creative designer certainly was meticulous in the details.

I wish the staff well - the guys from Qamea Island as they are the most beautiful resource.

One thing though - there are beautiful butterflies on the island in bright colours. (Go to www.parfaitimage_com/Rhopalocera/junonia_villida.htm.) or google 'Laucala butterflies' This links to photos taken of butterflies at Laucala Island by Donald H Gudehus in December 2008. Now such colours could have been incorporated with the earth colours - in small details. Is there just too much brown, eh? That's just my view as an artist (of sorts).


Donald said...

The link should be:

Laucala Island Fan said...

We loved Laucala Island! definitely going there again this summer

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It won't truly have success, I suppose this way.