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Training in cyber crime and a movie shoot

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I laughed when I read this article in Fiji Village because one time Peceli was an extra in a Chinese movie, 'Double Vision' (not in English) and he was dressed up as the Fiji Police Commissioner for one of the scenes where top CIA guys were at such an Interpol meeting. I'll try and find one or two of the photos taken at the movie shoot site which was at Monash University in Melbourne. The Chinese CIA character was played by a budding opera singer! It was great fun for me to tag along with Peceli when he was an 'extra' on a few movie shoots.

Knowledge of modern tech vital-Teleni
Publish date/time: 28/09/2009 [12:01]

These are the words of Police Commissioner Commodore Esala Teleni to the participants at the 8th Interpol Train the Trainer Workshop on IT Crime Investigation for Asia and South Pacific, currently being held at the Holiday Inn in Suva. Teleni said criminal activities are changing as a result of technology evolving adding this is why the Police Force should be well equipped with the knowledge of how to fight such crimes.

He added the Police Force needs to be in touch with its other counterparts around the world, as cyber crime is now becoming a global phenomenon, with crimes such as internet fraud and child pornography. Teleni added this will also help the Force move out of the usual physical approach taken to fight crime and help them move into the future. The workshop ends on Friday.

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