Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Rev Aminiasi Qalo

from Wendy from notes by Peceli,
Rev Aminiasi Qalo

The funeral of the late Rev Aminiasi was held this morning, September 10th at the Glenorchy Uniting Church in Hobart, Tasmania. Aminiasi worked diligently in the Methodist Church in Fiji, in the Papua New Guinea highlands at Mendi as a Bishop, and then in Australia in the Uniting Church. Aminiasi is from Komo, Kabara, Lau. He was born on 14th October 1936, and was educated at Namata District School, Tailevu, St Columba's Memorial School, the Davuilevu Bible School and Davuilevu
Theological College. He entered the Theological College in 1958 and here is a photo of the students around that time. Aminiasi's name included Volau, but perhaps the lad named Volau here is a different student. (Click on photo to see enlarged.)

Aminiasi was ordained on 16 July 1964 the year that the Fiji Methodist Church became a Conference. Aminiasi married a nurse Vasiti in 1962.

Aminiasi was appointed to Nausori in 1962-4, All Saints College, Savusavu in 1965 and his heart was set on becoming a missionary to Papua New Guinea. He worked there for many years in Mendi, Margarima, 1966-1878 and after going to Fuller Theological Seminary in 1979 -80 he returned to Papua New Guinea 1981-85. When Aminiasi came to Australia he was in Sydney, then Richmond Uniting Church, Melbourne, then in country Victoria.

In retirement Aminiasi and Vasiti lived in Hobart and Vasiti passed away there and then last week, Aminiasi. We honour Rev Aminiasi’s life of service to God and his compassion for people in varied communities and our thoughts are with their daughter Magareta and relatives at this time. Several people from the Melbourne Fiji community went to Hobart this week for the funeral, including Peceli who went with Sailosi Koto, Mere, and Leba.
This photo of Rev Aminiasi (left) with Inoke Nabulivou, Peceli Ratawa, and at the back Jovilisi Ragata and Paula Tekei, was taken at a Fijian Uniting Church Conference about ten years ago.


Andrew Thornley said...

Dear Wendy and Peceli,

Vinavalevu for that very moving tribute to a fine Talatala. Aminiasi's reputation and work as a missionary is the stuff of legend.

tom said...

Bula sia to all of you.We cann't denied that someday we go back home.Vinaka vakalevu for the funeral of late Rev A.Qalo. May his Soul resf in Peace.

Marama said...

Bula vinaka,
Thank you for the lovely tribute. He is such a great man of God.

Penijamini said...

A great Father figure to the church.A fortress of hope because of his practical faith.
On Christmas day whilst in Sydney,Rev Qalo and his family would prepare lunch and drive to the city and share their Christmas lunch with the homeless.
A wonderful person indeed.

Penijamini Vuakatagane

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Thank you Nakai for sharing the story about Talatala Aminiasi Qalo and we can do likewise. Vinaka vakalevu.

Wai Tege said...

Bishop Rev Aminasi Qalo is our friend and father Hela and Highlands its 3 years now which we never say a single talk untill his death but memories remain for ever in magarima and tari.bishop wai tege