Monday, September 28, 2009

Fiji Day in Melbourne - change of venue

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An email from Sydney's rugby gal, Luse, informed us that the Melbourne Fiji Day Rugby tournament will be at a new venue - so Melbourne supporters - don't go to the wrong sportsground! Actually Peceli and I are already registered to attend a different function that day at Dandenong. We usually go to the Fiji Day in Melbourne with some of our Fiji Geelong Friendship Club members, but not this time.

Re: 2009 Fiji Day Melbourne Sevens Rugby Tournament - Change of Venue

Bula rugby fans and those who love the Islands of the Republic of Fiji and its people!
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You will note that there is a change of venue from that previously stated, that is,the Tournament will NOT be played at the Boroondara Rugby Club. We received notice 11 days ago that the Ground had become unavailable to us.....

The 2009 Fiji Day Melbourne Sevens Rugby Tournament will be held at the Moorabbin Rams Rugby Club at 100 Keys Rd, Moorabbin. (Melways ref Map 78 B9) Thank you Steve Curnow, Moorabbin Rams Rugby Club and the City of Kingston for stepping in at the last minute, and thanks must also go to Endeavour Hills RUC for the offer they made. Vinaka vakalevu!....

In the meantime don't forget the Fiji Day Island Night Function, which will be held in the centrally located Fitzroy Town Hall, Napier Street, Fitzroy (Melways ref map 2C B9). Tickets at $30 each including delicious Traditional Fijian Lovo-cooked Food and Indian Cuisine, are available now. Don't miss out on the fun and the great music! Hey, why not book a table and bring your friends along to share our celebrations! Just call Albert 0433 776 702, Sala 0420 512 182 or Semi 0401 226 580 today.


Friends4Fiji said...

Bula wendy and congrats on an awesome blog. Just wondering when the Fiji Day Dinner was going to be held?

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I presume it's the Island Night that's at Fitzroy Town Hall on the Saturday night 10th October. But of course there's also a party for Sese's 60th birthday, and also a concert which is part of the Fiji Indian conference hosted by Dandenong and North Blackburn churches. Plenty of action!

Friends4Fiji said...

Vinaka Wendy,

Is there a website/mailing list/something online where i can look these things up? I'm a part-Rotuman recently moved to Melbourne area and keen to attend these functions and keep up to date with the local Fiji Community

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

About Fiji Day, I suggest you email to
as that was given in the email from Luse in Sydney. There was a page about the rugby draw but I didn't repost that here.

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