Monday, September 14, 2009

A spring day

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Things are getting back to normal here now that Peceli has returned from Tasmania. It's certainly good to have him back after nearly five weeks in Fiji, then three days in Hobart. Yesterday we went to Altona Meadows/Laverton Uniting Church where a large group of Fiji people gathered for worship and afternoon tea, most of them from Lomaiviti. It was a lovely afternoon and we met some new people but of course there are always connexions and plenty of talanoa. It was nice to have people from Methodist, Catholic, and Penticostal backgrounds sharing in prayer, hymns and songs - and the five guitars playing were remarkably good. I do not have a fondness for some Christian choruses but this group of singers and musicians made a simple song truly beautiful. Afterwards we went to a home for a welcome ceremony for a visitor from Fiji and prayers for two sisters due to become mothers soon. A lovely family and we are always welcome there.

Anyway it is spring weather today, sunshiny, and we spent the morning in the garden planting vegetables, moving pot-plants and generally tidying up. This afternoon Peceli went to play golf after being away from golf for six weeks! He dropped me off at the Geelong Botanical Gardens on the way as I felt like doing some sketching. I picked up fallen petals and leaves as I often do and scanned them into computer files to play around with. Dying leaves and flowers are part of it all aren't they? I usually post these sort of pictures on the Geelong Visual Diary, but I decided to put them here this time and also some designs with shells and stones.

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