Monday, March 19, 2007

The world is more than just Fiji

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It's four years on since the invasion of Iraq by the USA and what a terrible tragedy it has become. I remember that day four years ago. I was in Melbourne at a meeting and many groups of people were streaming up Swanston Street for a protest outside the Melbourne Library. Despite all the protests since that time, the terrible situation is worsening. To be against the violence is not to side with terrorists, but to side with the ordinary people of Iraq who themselves are part of the chaos with their differences also. It's certainly a long, long road to freedom in the world these days. It will soon be Holy Week and Easter for some of us and that is a reminder that the ordinary, the weak, the betrayed are God's children, not the greedy and powerful.

The banner in this post belongs to a church in USA that is appropriate for the Lenten season before Easter.

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Pandabonium said...

Major protests in the streets of Tokyo on Wednesday, as it was a national holiday, more to come this weekend. The marchers want Japan "self defense" forces out of Iraq, out of the Indian Ocean, and the US military out of Japan.

Voices everywhere calling for peace. - falling on the deaf ears of an empire.