Friday, March 02, 2007

Tribewanted on Vorovoro is now six months old

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from the Chief's blog on tribewanted website:

Six month celebrations as internet arrives on Vorovoro2 March 2007

For immediate release:
Online and island tribal community connect on Fijian island on sixth month anniversary., a unique online and real world experiment taking place on Vorovoro island in Fiji, celebrates its first six months as a community with a GPRS internet connection linking members on the island with those around the world.

Some would say it was just another sunny day on Vorovoro Island, Fiji. But for this growing online and island community it was much more significant because on March 1st the tribe were connected. Vodafone Fiji arrived to deliver a lap-top and GPRS card so that from the top of the rock behind the Great Bure tribe members were able to log-on.

Ben Keene, Tribewanted founder said: “Before we arrived on Vorovoro we said there were three things we needed to make this work: Water, shelter, and broadband. Its not quite broadband speed but with a mobile internet connection, [a solar panel will power all communications] rainwater collection tanks, fresh fish from the worlds third largest barrier reef, basic village infrastructure and a Fijian community full of smiles and kava, this twenty first century tribe has everything it needs.”

He continued: “Its been a crazy few months – a fire on the island in week one, a military coup before Christmas, and a cyclone last week – have all threatened to stop us in our tracks. But thanks to the support of the local people and determination of the online and visiting tribe members, it hasn’t. This tribe is very much alive and kicking!”

Tui Mali, chief of Vorovoro island and landowner said during a speech at a traditional kava ceremony to celebrate the six-month anniversary: “The tribes have come from around the world and we are all very happy that they are here as we learn from each other.”
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Pandabonium said...

I have a question. I've heard differing answers, so maybe you guys could give me your take (which I place a high value upon).

Would I upset anyone if I respectfully declined to drink kava?

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Okay, I don't know Panda what you did when you were in Taveuni, but I just asked the four kava drinkers in the lounge for their answer. (They are currently playing cards.) They all said, 'Just drink one bowl, a small one, and that is sufficient.' Three of them are Fijians, the other a gal in love with a Fiji guy. They all answered in unison!
However, I say no most of the time and don't even drink one.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

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