Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ceremony in Naduri village - from the archives

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When the Great Sea Reef was studied and a tabu placed upon it, the World Wildlife organization honoured Fiji with a visit and were special guests at Naduri village in Macuata where the chief, Tui Macuata, has been active in conservation. I found some photos of that occasion on the internet. In my previous post I posted three sketches that I made at Naduri some time go at a cultural day to fund raise for the province.


sam said...

Hopefully the Tui Macuata encourages other chiefs in the province of macuata to conserve natural resources that are communally owned. Sustainable utilisation and conservation of depleting resources such as marine ecosystem and Land based resources should not jeopardise future generations need. Furthermore, if our natural resources is used sparingly such the 'tribe wanted' at Vorovoro in Mali, it helps improve the livelihood of common people who are striving for end meets at our villages. I hope Macuata would live as an example to Fiji and also to the world.
Semi Qamese
Natural Resource Managent Student, University of Melbourne

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Bula si'a Semi,
Thank you for your comment and it is so true. It is a brilliant concept to protect the Great Sea Reef. I found a good link about it -
Peceli read your comment but has now left for the Holy Week Thursday evening service at Altona.
Have a nice break for Easter, Semi.

Anonymous said...

He has been active in that conservation activity because he is said to be getting big money from it. For someone that didn't have much a few years ago, the Tui Macuata has been buying or building properties in Vanua Levu. The family is said to each own a four wheel drive. Where is the money coming from? WWF obviously. Stop fooling Fijians!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Anonymous, surely you do not want to be detective, judge and jury like some other people in Fiji!

Okay, four-wheel drives are rather necessary if you live in Naduri!

About wealth - I do not know - but Peceli said some of the Macuata buildings are owned by the community, not individuals. Time will tell.

The people of Naduri have a lot on their plate at present - with four months away to a large conference, and all the damage to the land, roads, villages in other parts of Macuata. Even Dogotuki has copped it now. Perhaps those four-wheel drives will be used to inspect and assist in rebuilding after the destruction.

Penijamini Vuakatagane said...

Anonymous,there is nothing wrong with working hard.
Macuata is blessed with our hard working ,articulate,intelligent,and fun loving chief.
He is in our prayers and bless his heart for he is a wonderful person

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Vina'a va'alevu Peni.
My word, the chiefs had had a lot on their plates this week - yesterday was quite a surprise.
Peceli and Wendy

naca said...

Anonymous i think you need to get your facts right. My uncle work for WWF as a Vanua liasing officer while my dad is assistant roko who worked tirelessly to get this MPA set up in Cakau Levu. according to them, no money is paid by wwf to the Vanua to help them protect those fishing grounds now being established as MPAs. why the people are so observant of the taboo when there is no incentive for them to, you may ask...its because Ratu Aisea as a high respected chief of the land has taken this step to conserve these marine resources with or without money as he knows this will be in the best interest of the Vanua and the people. WWF only floods in fund when they organise a workshop, meeting or community reachout in the village. Mind u these are very little funds where majority goes in the kitchen for food preparation. and those buildings and vehicles are from his own income which is the head lease that only chiefs of any province has to earned. thanks to him that these buildings are used to accomodate guests who comes into the village... so for christ sake get it right man...stop giving us crap...

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