Saturday, March 31, 2007

Vorovoro Island in the Sun and Rain

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A glowing report comes from one of the tribewanted adventurers:

Expectations smashed. Walt reports from Vorovoro...
29 March 2007

Any expectations I have before going were just dead wrong and totally undershot. The island is about 20x more beautiful than I ever expected. The people are just infinitely more friendly and fun to talk to and hang out with than I ever expected. The food is delicious. The smells are amzing - the sea, the dampness of the near-constant rain (until today), the pine that I was chiseling to build shelves, the palm leaves coating the ground in the bure... And the sounds are just as good. The rain bouncing on the tin roofs and hitting the roof of the bures, the rhythmic lull of the sea, the roosters trying to out perform each other, the people laughing - always laughing - the sound of axes and hammers on rock, and behind it all, just audible, the sea pounding into the reef just at the edge of sight on the horizon and adding a deep and constant bass to the whole thing.

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