Monday, March 26, 2007

Farewell Rev Peter Davis

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I was saddened to read the news today that Rev Peter Davis has passed away in Sydney. Such a nice man and he really loved the people of Fiji. The two photos here were taken at his 80th birthday party and I found them on matavuvale website.

Former Methodist Church president passes away
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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Update: 2.37pm FORMER President of the Methodist Church of Fiji, Reverend Peter Davies has died in Sydney at the age of 81. Reverend Davies first came to Fiji with his wife, Betty in 1952 as missionaries in Lakeba, Lau. In 1955, Reverend Davies moved to Savusavu before being transferred to Lautoka as the churchs head of the Ba-Nadroga Division.

In 1964, when the Methodist Church of Fiji became independent from New South Wales, Reverend Davies stayed back in Fiji assuming several senior roles within the church before being inducted as President in 1969. He returned to Australia in 1972 but maintained strong ties with Fiji. He returned in the late 1980s and was Minister of the Butt Street Church in Suva and played a significant role in reconciling various communities after the 1987 coups.

Funeral arrangements are yet to be finalized. He is survived by three sons and five grandchildren.
updated April 3 - article from 'Insight' - an Australian publication
Churches mourn death of Peter Davis, held in deep affection by congregations

The Rev. Peter Davis, who served as Deputy Superintendent of Wesley Mission from 1980-84 (the only time the post was in operation) died on Monday, March 26 at the age of 81.

Mr Davis was widely loved and respected throughout the Uniting Church in New South Wales and beyond and through the churches of the Pacific.

His funeral service, to be led by the Rev. Ken Cornwall, will be held in Wesley Church, Wesley Mission, Pitt Street, Sydney on Tuesday, April 3 at 11am.

Peter Keith Davis was a former Moderator of the Uniting Church NSW.

He is particularly beloved among Fijians, who remember him as a former President of the Methodist Church in Fiji, the position crowning many years of devoted missionary service in that country.

His late wife, Betty, worked hard at his side during all those years.

A friend of long standing, Bryce Bridges (Wesley Mission’s Corporate Solicitor) notes that in the 1960s, when the Davises worked in Fiji, there were quite a few Fijian babies who were named Peter or Betty in honour of the couple!

Mr Bridges also remembers that Peter Davis was a gentle, avuncular presence at Wesley Mission, where he was held in great affection by staff and congregations.

After leaving Wesley Mission in 1984, Mr Davis served as Superintendent of Leichhardt Mission.

The Rev. Keith V Garner, Superintendent of Wesley Mission, said, “The Rev. Peter Davis will sorely missed, especially by the Fijian Methodist community who held him in the highest regard because of his work in Fiji. I would want to pay tribute to his valuable work at Wesley Mission and throughout Sydney. Our thoughts are with his family at this time.”

Peter Davis is survived by his sons, Graham, John and Andrew.


Anonymous said...

This man will surely be in heaven now enjoying what God has prepared for him.

Penijamini Vuakatagane said...

miau sa moce misi devesi.vina'a va'alevu

Anonymous said...

i never met him but he baptised me back in tonga in 1976 and i'm named after him.R.I.P. Rev Peter Davies

Cathy Sutton said...

Lovely to come across this...he was my Uncle Pete..and we adored him.He was gentle and funny and always made sure that my brother and I knew we were part of the family even though my father ( his brother)and mother divorced when we were young.He held such affection for his Fijian connection,his funeral was beautiful..I will never forget the singing. A special man indeed.