Friday, March 23, 2007

Ah Koy and Ayn Rand

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Today's Fiji Post informs us that Ah Koy will head the Fiji Trade and Investment Bureau. Surely there is a conflict of interest here - or perhaps not a conflict but an opportunity! I think the journalist got some of Ayn Rand's words a bit twisted - read line in italics. Another article in today's Fiji Post is headed with the word 'curruption' so needs a spell-checker.

Businessman and former politician, Sir James Ah Koy.
Sir James to head FTIB
23-Mar-2007 04:36 PM

FIJI business tycoon and former politician, Sir James Ah Koy is likely to head up the Fiji Trade and Investment Bureau from today.

Commenting on his imminent appointment to the important government instrumentality, Sir James said his acceptance of the invitation was based on "selfish motives" and "an interest in national preservation".

He said that his renewed role at the FTIB was primarily to maintain and protect the future of his own investment in Fiji.

He called on other investors with much at stake to similarly "pitch in" out of "self-interest" if they "want to protect their investments in the country".

"The economy is going bad for the present - there is no doubt about it," said the 70-year-old patriot, "but this is not the time for Atlas to Shrug".

Referring to the libertarian objectivist philosopher, Ayn Rand's classic 'Atlas Shrugged', Sir James said, "those with talent and know-how must not evade their responsibilities and leave the nation to those who don't know what they are doing. Now is the time to desert out investments and head for the hills-as Ayn Rand depicted in her classic (novel)".

"No, this is the time to get involved," he said.

Sir James warned that unless those with skil and resources act to prevent their investments, "they shouldn't complain if they lose out".

FTIB is a statutory body formed by Government to promote investment opportunities and facilitate development of industries, ventures or enterprises that create employment opportunities, increase exports, reduce imports, or are otherwise beneficial to the economy of Fiji.

The FTIB Board is appointed by the Minister for Commerce, Business Development and Investment. The Board’s role is to set directions that FTIB needs to take to increase investment in Fiji and exports and to ensure that FTIB is meeting the objectives outlined in the FTIB Act. The FTIB Board consists of experienced representatives from the private sector covering the key sectors and the representatives from various parts of Fiji. The current Board members are as follows:
Joseph Singh (Chairman); Taito Waradi (Deputy Chairman); David Aidney; Dinesh Patel; Isireli Koyamaibole; Joseph Rodan; Viliame Gavoka; Kemueli Qoro; Tula Ram Jaduram; Ulaiasi Taoi; and Malakai Tadulala.


Anonymous said...

Will he be CEO or Chairman of the Board of Directors? Besides, it's been said that current CEO is useless and not suitable for the job.

laminar_flow said...

Ah Koy-The Financial Rock of Ages.

Anonymous said...

Laminar_flow, you'd be better off acknowledging the real Rock of Ages ..... God himself ..... rather than put your bet on men.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Anonymous, please give away something of who you are - a church mouse or a kai Taveuni or who?
I am not very knowledgable at all regarding Mr Ah Koy, except that he is presumably an expert in finance, but taking on this job means knowing a lot about other people's business that might influence his own decisions. The trouble is in Fiji that the 'experts' are needed and a lot of the current detectives are finding out that men and women in Fiji become compromised, sometimes innocently.
Re Rock of Ages - well, what exactly do you mean Laminar? I know the old hymn and the metaphors in it are a bit mixed but it is a well-loved song. I've just returned from church and I had to play the piano this time as the electonic organ refused to play! We had a good sermon about the woman with the jar of nard and the minister handed around pistachio nuts (which was once made into nard), rose petals, gum leaves and talked about perfumes. Peceli has gone up to Altona Meadows to preach so I've got time now to muck about with the computer!