Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Toatagane, a pet rooster

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Many years ago when the children were little and we lived at Vatuadova village, there were a few roosters and hens, even bantam chooks. One rooster we named Toatagane because he was so beautiful with lots of coloured feathers. Alas, one day there were visitors and someone decided that a good dinner was required. Bad decision. The same thing happened to my pet pig, Kanakana, who gave birth to huge litters of about twelve piglets each time. Then there was an important occasion with hundreds of visitors arriving, so they slaughtered this lovely large pig. I refused to eat that day.

Anyway, in memory of Toatagane I stitched a picture one time, perhaps related to the story 'The House that Jack Built,' and included colourful Toatagane.


Pandabonium said...

For one year I lived in Wailuku - capitol of Maui - in a very old plantation house on a tiny lot. Next door, just a few meters from my bedroom window, a neighbor had cages where he kept fighting cocks. Cock fighting is illegal in Hawaii, but that doesn't stop it from taking place. Anyway, I never got a good night's sleep that whole year. Every night, at all hours (like 2 am) they would crow. My mind was filled with evil thoughts of what I could do to those birds, and even to my neighbor. :(

I can't imagine living near chickens ever again.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

How awful to have a neighbour with fighting cocks! I would have rescued the birds and set them free in the forest, but then your neighbour mightn't like that!

I don't think we were really disturbed by Toatagane but I remember in Nawaka village out of Nadi,(where we often stayed on route to the airport) the roosters there crowed at all odd hours, in syncopation with the Methodist choirs practicing tonic solfa, and the thumping of the kava on metal. Oh, I nearly forgot about the snoring!

Tuikese said...

I would like to take this time on behalf of the 'Vadiga Family' namely Mrs.Fulori Vadiga of Wailevu Village,Kadavu,the late Rev.Paula Vadiga to offer our deepest Sympathy to the 'Davis Family' of Sydney,Australia on the passing away of our beloved family friend Rev.Peter Davis.May u find peace in the Almighty in this difficult times of sorrow knowing that one day we will meet each other in the comfort of his shining glory.Be strong and hold on tight.Love Always.