Friday, June 12, 2015

Rejection of flag designs

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Reading the letters to the Editor I see that everyone seems to be of the opinion to reject the final cut of Fiji flag designs.  Actually I think all of the designs have been dreamt up by Mr Foto Siopi (Photoshop). Okay?

NEW DESIGN   Lambert Ho, Suva | Friday, June 12, 2015

WHAT in the world is up with those atrocious new designs for Fiji's flag? I'm sorry but there is nothing new, exciting and creative about them. They look like copy-cats of other Pacific countries flags and other organisations in the region.
I suggest we keep our flag but remove the Union Jack and replace it with a masi motif, the shield remains but new industry icons replace bananas, etc.
The dove remains as a symbol of our peace and maybe the Fiji rare crested iguana replaces the lion atop the shield.
If you need clarification or matters of design that stays true to the people of Fiji, do get in touch with me.


Someone please tell me that the final 23 flags selected are a late April Fool's Day joke.
Another go

Saturday, June 13, 2015
THE designs of the proposed new flag remind me of those used to print on sulu and the hearts of the Fijian people are too colourful for the dullness of those proposed! I think some of the colours we should use are:
White - we are spirited and friendly;
Red - we are strong and filled with enthusiasm and have a burning desire to build the future of our nation to the best of our abilities;
Blue - we love and we respect our ocean and our sky, symbols of our environment and resources. We are calm and tranquil. We have faith in the good;
Archaic - davui, turtle and canoe. How do they symbolise Fiji and the future?; and
Triangle - 19 other countries have the same thing!
To agree to a flag that will symbolise our nation as a whole to the rest of the world is a task we cannot and should not rush into without proper research and consultation.
Let's give it another go!
 REJECTED DESIGN   Saturday, June 13, 2015

IT'S a pity that Raj and Tukana's flag design was painfully rejected, FT cartoon (12/06).
At least their artwork and ideas looked original, and their symbols had some relevance to our nation.
I am still trying to figure out the shark fins, stars and canoes on the ones shortlisted by the Government.

NATIONAL IDENTITY Saturday, June 13, 2015

IT is good to see the final 23 designs of the new flag coming out(FT10/6/15)
But it is surprising that there are no religious, historic, or mythological symbols evident.
These play an important role in the national identity and embodiment of the dominant values of this country.
The new flag should be able to evoke a sense of national unity and pride.
There seems to be a redundant mood about this process, and unfortunately it must be met for the people.

NOBLE BANNER  Saturday, June 13, 2015

I ASK the Prime Minister to stop all attempts to change our national flag now as I believe the exercise is becoming an embarrassment!
I believe the final 23 designs are way below our present flag in everything, you name it.
While I was told that the new flag was to be of great significance to our Fiji of today, I am afraid, the wrong message that the rest of the world could make out from any of the 23 is that we are the dullest country in the world.
Please do not take away our dearest noble banner blue


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