Thursday, June 25, 2015

An adventure in Tonga

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An elderly man seeking adventure spends a short time living alone on a newly formed island in Tonga.  An elderly adventurer channelled his inner Robinson Crusoe and spent 11 solitary nights on a piece of land situated alongside the remote island of Hunga Tonga – 2,200 miles from Sydney.
Ian Argus Stuart, a British entrepreneur who made millions buying and selling luxury yachts, survived eating nothing but seagull eggs and squid.
The 65-year-old made history by becoming the first person to spend a single night on the island, which is the world's youngest.Go to this video  a couple of minutes he filmed on the island.

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Quite different to what's happening in the rest of Tonga at present with preparations for the crowning of the King of Tonga.

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