Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Waterlilies in Fiji

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The first time I noticed a pond of waterlilies was outside Adi Cakobau school and they were so beautiful. More recently I noticed waterlilies at Pacific Harbour and also inside the University of the South Pacific compound where I sketched some. Though they are lovely and spiritually uplifting they only grow because their roots are touching oozing mud, grounded in the ordinary and unbeautiful. This metaphor can be seen to be about those who seek an uplifting life because the deeply spiritual person does not just concern himself or herself about 'unworldly matters', but touches very ordinary mundane life. We pray that leaders in the churches and religious institutions in Fiji will always be in touch with both 'heaven' and 'earth'. Those God-moments that are experienced only happen because we have known difficulties, overcome our fears, and show compassion for the suffering of many people in our society.


Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji) said...

totoka W&P,
I still recal that lovely song by the Adi Cakobau girls 'Isa lei na noqu w-lily?? Not sure whether I have the name right. But would love to get my hands on one of the cd if they are around.

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