Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another backyard lovo

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Yesterday the guys spent the afternoon making a lovo for a Fijian visitor from Sydney. Firstly inform the fire brigade. Secondly find some firewood from a Rotary friend who's a farmer. Thirdly buy pork, chickens, taro (from Werribee the other day), kumala from Not Quite Right at $2 each very large kumala, and lots of aluminium foil. Pick leafy greens from the garden and cook with coconut cream. Other women brought lots of fruit and icecream, etc. Okay, the men did a great job with the lovo in the middle of the back yard and when it was time to open up, showed it to some Geelong people who were guests. It was a lovely party with a little bit of yaqona then a huge meal as different Tongan and Maori friends drifted in and out of the party. We call this 'Kava Ministry' - hospitality and some Christian input. Here are a few photos.


Andrew Thornley said...

And while thinking about all that delicious food, could we please be offering prayers for the Methodist Church in Fiji, especially for their leaders as they face trial for holding church meetings without permission.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Andrew,
What a waste of time having to go to Suva each time, and resources - having to pay lawyers, when these men and women have work to do, encouraging and leading their departments and congregations. Hold fast to that which is good - from Thessalonians - and John Wesley wrote: Try every advice by the touchstone of scripture, and hold fast that which is good - zealously, resolutely, diligently practise it, in spite of opposition.

Andrew Thornley said...

Amen to what you say Wendy.
Spare a thought for Methodist members in Fiji who are now being asked to contribute towards legal fees (perhaps as much as

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

It is a very difficult situation - the ordinary people can hardly pay for a bundle of beans in the market these days, yet those twenty-one or so men and women need help to defend the charges. Why on earth doesn't a lawyer give his or her time freely! The fees are far too high for the economic times.

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