Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Royale in Labasa

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Though Peceli is in Labasa he doesn't write any stories - says he's too busy with other things - going down to Dreketi, over to Mali, painting the house at Vatuadova. Sobosobo, so I have to find babasiga stories on the internet!
Good luck to the Royale, a new venture in Labasa, that provides opportunities for students in hospitality. Such students do 'attachments' which is the practical component of their studies.
Fiji Sun reports:
North hotelier helps catering students

Hotelier Rinesh Prasad is one of the successful business owners in Labasa. Mr Prasad, 21, is the owner of the Royale Lodge and he started his business three years ago. “I first opened up a wine and dine hotel because there was no such business in Labasa,” he said. Recently, Mr Prasad opened a small computer business within the premise. This is because he wanted to put his knowledge in information system and technology into full use.

“There are so many people who come by to the Lodge as we provide the best affordable service in town,” he said.

As a concerned citizen, Mr Prasad later employed six students from the National Youth Service School that is currently looked after by the Ministry of Youths and Sports in Labasa. Mr Prasad said the students have started their attachment this week and would be working with them for three months. Laite Vukivuki, a student from the National Youth Service School majoring in catering said.

“This is where I get the opportunity to gain all the skills from the staff,” she said.

Sunil Kumar, the cook at the Lodge said, he is happy to train the students on how to prepare 200 varieties of dishes.

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