Monday, August 31, 2009

Babasiga kids in Suva letters

from w
Grandkids wearing out Grandpa in Suva

Dear Wendy
Bula vinaka and may the Blessing of the Lord be with you. I am a bit tired today. We had a very successful day yesterday. Yesterday was as good as Sunday when people of Fiji recognised and valued our presence as well making our stay more meaningful. I
took the boys to Navuso and spend the whole day there after being in the Epworth House till 11 30 am. Today we are going to see L.
Best Regards

Dear Grandma,
Wear going to L’s house at 11 o'clock this morning. We went to Navuso yesterday to get our presents from M.S. The presents were clothes and tshirts from America. She went to the States last year.

Dear Grandma
Yesterday we went to Navuso Village. We went to get our presents that M.S. bought for us in Arizona, America. We saw the new bridge and the tarsil of the road right through the village. we went to the house in the village and got some rest and we ate. After we ate we went to walk on the bridge it was so beautiful. Once I walk on the bridge the bridge was okay. I thought it will collapse or how do we say it. Our gifts were T-shirt, cardigans, toys and a rugby ball etc. They were really happy to see us when we arrived and we played with the rugby ball. So we had to go back home. So today we`ll be going to Pacific Harbour to see L. We might swim I guess. Thank you for the Photo you send to us. The next day we`ll be going to a birthday party in Cunnigham. It’s one of our cousin`s birthday.

from W.
Peceli's reference to Epworth House is about the soli given by American and Australian Fijians. They donated about $475,000 to the Methodist Church in Fiji. The earlier plan has been that the USA contingent open the choir competition and the Oz contingent close it. Instead it was done informally.
The photo Jordan referred to is of his cousin who danced at Tadra Kahani and her school won the Junior Prize.
I'm glad to hear that the new Navusa Bridge is standing up well. Last time I went to Navuso we had to go in a punt across the river in total darkness so my grandchildren had to look after me!


Andrew Thornley said...

Dear Wendy,
I have just returned from two weeks in Fiji, my time there meant to coincide with the now abandoned Conference. I'm sorry that I did not meet up with Peceli - I wonder whether he was in Epworth Hall when I lunched there and spoke briefly with Talatala Naivalu? What generous gifts the American and Australian Fijians have given.
I particularly lament the absence of the Methodist Choir Festival at Furnival Park. Their quality and depth of true Fijian hymnody makes the efforts of the AOG and the New Methodist vocal offerings look very paltry. I hasten to add that I am not against the other churches in Fiji having their annual gatherings and their singing. But I cannot understand why - in view of the fact that there were thousands of people attending each evening of the AOG Conference (held just down the road from Davuilevu where I was staying) - the government should choose to exericse its anger against the Methodists and especially against the holding of the Furnivall Park Choir Festival, which in no way is influenced by any political colouring.
If the govt's intention was to undermine the traditional Solevu, then that has backfired, with overseas Fijians (and Fijian and Indian Methodists within the country) giving far above their usual offerings. Such generosity sends a clear message.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Andrew,
That Clayton's Conference... The Fiji Sun published an article about the Canterbury Choir singing at the Naboro gaol and praising the Yellow Ribbon campaign, but of course the visiting choir sang in Suva, Nausori, Davuilevu, etc. I am sure. The generosity and commitment as you say, is still there from overseas and within Fiji. There's something very special about good Fijian choir singing - not about preaching, not about doctrine, but the singing moves the listeners. In the moment. Lifts people up.