Saturday, August 29, 2009

Letters from Suva

from w
Received some letters from Suva this afternoon. Edited slightly!
Dear Wendy
Jordan says bula sia to you grandma while Andrew is playing game in the playstation. G. took me to Church this morning before 10 am, while on his way to work. The Australian Fiji Parish Choir more than 60, plus members from Melbourne led by Rev Iliasa Naivalu, more than 10 were there. The American group were there also so after the service they gave us a beautiful magiti dinner at Epworth Hall........ Loloma. Peceli.

From J.
Dear grandma,we went to the Hibiscus Festival last night and we ate Hamburgers and Hot dogs and the food was so delicious.We went in some rides last night and it was fun. We saw some of Grandpa`s old friends.

Miri`s wedding was good and some of the people from Labasa had to come and they brought some mats and some other stuff too. The wedding was held in village called Naivucini. The village is in Naitasiri. When we reached there they set breakfast for us. We had pie,bread,scones etc. The road was dusty and bumpy. We saw big rivers. We went to the church and had the wedding service. The weddng was great everybody had to shake their hand when it was over. Bubu Miri and Bubu Luisa was there in the wedding they danced and danced when they were coming back from the service.
Your sincearly,
From A.
Dear Grandma ,we went to the hibiscus festival yesterday with Grandpa, Wendy, Dada and J. We bought hot dogs and hamburger. We went on the swing. in the marygoround.

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