Friday, August 14, 2009


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I also found two photos going back many years to when we lived in three bures beside Nukutatava Beach. One is of a painting I did at the time of the natural spring a few feet from the beach - I have no idea where the painting is now. The other photo is of two of our boys playing on a boat built by a relative from Mali Island. We lived there - at Nukutatava and Vatuadova in the early 1970s. An idyllic life beside the sea - mostly!

One day two strangers arrived there and were measuring up, so I asked them what they were doing. 'Oh, we are going to put in a tramline for sugarcane.' What? No way. Peceli and I went to the Mill Manager's office and truly, without consultation, they had planned to make a railway line right in front of our bures near the shoreline. We objected strongly. They said they would give us $3000 and we could also move our houses up the hillside. No! We won and they made another plan far away from the sea.

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