Saturday, August 29, 2009

Air Fares to Fiji

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So much advertising is misleading these days. Sometimes they give the fare only one way, or they give the fare without the charges which might be about $200 extra, or they advertise the fare as 'from...' Flight Centre continue to advertise Melbourne Fiji as from $715 return, but when you contact Flight Centre the cheapest fares may be about $910 return. Those cheaper tickets probably were only for about six seats three months in advance! I saw this little piece in today's Age Traveller section, so I wonder whether it is really on or not. Does that Bula pass take you to Samoa and Tonga for only a little more than the Oz-Fiji fare? Also beware of some of the cheaper plane rides where you get slugged for luggage, food, etc. or the route is redirected to extra stop-overs!

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