Friday, August 14, 2009

Fiji photos

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I've been spring-cleaning - throwing out old potplants, clothes, sorting photos and came across some old pictures. I wonder where the people are now? One photo is of the Phillips family from Maravu Street Lautoka - Wesley, Sarita, guess who, a guy from Melbourne, Rhoda and Sunita. They migrated to Melbourne later on. This photo is from end of 1961 I think. The second photo of four students from Lelean at the 21st birthday of the school - in 1963. Where are those boys now I wonder! The other photo is of Ulamila who lives in Vatuadova near Labasa. This photo was taken when she was a dancer with the Labasa choir when they visited Australia in 1985.

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RATU said... that nei naukisi.she look small at young