Friday, July 27, 2007

Travel options - Nadi to Suva

from Peceli
Transport from Nadi to Suva can be really good and cheap. I took the 7 30 a.m. PACIFIC bus which cost $11 Fijian to Suva following the Queen Road highway but you have to put up with noise of the engine and free air condition and it takes 3 hours.

The Sunbeam tourist bus leaves at 7 45 and you have to book at the Public Relations desk in the terminal and it cost $18 50. Return Taxes to Suva from Nadi Taxi stand cost 15 to 20 dollars. Tourists might get asked to pay $100 for the trip.

The cost of the Air flight from Nadi to Suva is $80. You pay as you arrive in Nadi in the counter. It only goes to Nausori so you need to get a taxi to Suva (half an hour's drive).


Wilson said...

Taxis don't really have a fixed sum when it comes to the suva nadi one time i paid $15 going to nadi, but ended up paying $18 coming back.


Anonymous said...

Taxis don't use money meter in the western area , they nominate their fare deals and you have to agree with price he quotes.

Don't forget it is common to nominate your price to the driver.
But the safest and cheapest are the Pasific or Sunbeam Trainsports.


Anonymous said...

the taxis were recent. although the taxi drivers face was quite casusal it did not affect how porris i belived the trip to be.

all in all i found it to be quaint and i wish it were to be twain


Hubert Cumberdale.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Sept 2008. from w
We travelled by bus as usual between Nadi and Suva and the bus we had just about stopped on the hills past Naviti! We planned to go back on the tourist bus which leaves the Holiday Inn but that goes at 7.30 a.m. or 4 p.m. which are awkward times so instead we caught the 9 a.m. Sunset (I think it was called) to as far as Cuvu and it was an excellent trip. It was about $10 each from Suva to Cuvu.
Of course, since that terrible bus/fire accident two weeks ago, we all seem to want to check out windows and how to break them quickly if needed.

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ashee said...

Hi all,
Please advise if anyone has ideas on the Time- last tourist bus to suva from nadi airport on a saturday. (a tourist bus or any good airconditioned busses).


sandeep said...

hi to all, please tell me if anyone know the timing of the last sunbeam bus on sunday from nadi to suva.

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