Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Can turmeric cure dementia?

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Turmeric is the English name but it Fiji it's usually called Haldi. I've seen it growing near the road to Nukutatava. Maybe - if the following news article is correct - then Fiji has the potential for a new industry associated with medical science. The botanical name is Curcuma longa and turmeric is from the ginger family. Now read something I didn't think of before today!

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From Washington USA
Curry diet may beat dementia

An ingredient in curry may help stimulate immune system cells that gobble up the brain-clogging proteins that mark Alzheimer's disease. US researchers say hey have isolated a compound in turmeric, a yellow spice that gives Indian curry powder its distinctive colour, that appears to stimulate a specific response against Alzheimer's symptoms. It may be possible to infuse this compound into patients and treat the incurable and fatal rain condition. Dr Milan Fiala of the University of California and colleagues said.

Other research has shown that curcumin, an anti-oxidant found in turmeric, can help prevent tumours from forming in the laboratory and in rats.
Okay, do you know any baini who has dementia? No, I don't think so.

How many times would I have to eat curry each week to stave off the memory loss?


Pandabonium said...

Once again eating fresh natural foods (rather than processed ones) is shown to be the healthful thing to do. That's pretty interesting research.

It was sad to see my father struggling to carry on with dementia in his last years. Trying to help him get though denial and anger and finally to what seemed some sort of acceptance if that is possible.

I feel certain the cause can be discovered and it can be prevented. If there is a preventative or cure through tumeric and similar substances, that could help a lot of people.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Sorry to hear of your difficult family experiences re dementia. It is not a joking matter of course. I guess I should cut down on coffee and drink lots of water... Who are you, I sometimes wonder when I meet people when I can't remember a name...

Pandabonium said...

I've always had trouble with names. Sometimes very embarrassing. I've always like coffee too. Connection perhaps.

SoulSpeak said...

Haldi is a Hindi word and I'm sure it traveled with the spice to Fiji. Anyway, I've heard of this protective effect of turmeric before but haven't seen scientific studies that show the same connection. A link to the UC study?

Also, as an Indian, on personal observation, I haven't seen lower incidence of dementia in our population.

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Anna Huges said...

It can't truly have effect, I consider like this.

Goji Berry Juice said...

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