Monday, July 30, 2007

A taxi driver in Suva

from Peceli
A taxi Driver told me his story as follows:

I was born on a remote island in Lau during the 1970's and when 11 years of age I was supposed to travel with my sister and family on the Uluilakeba ship but some how my father said to stay back that you can go on the next ship. The Uluilakeba ship capsized and sank in the sea and never reached Suva and four of my family members drowned in the sea.

When I reached Suva I went to School to Lomaivuna settlement and then to DAV College I reached Form 5 then I left School and worked in Suva for 2 years. I ended up in Naboro Jail for 2 years of being caught planting marijuana in my back yard. Being in Jail I changed my thinking into become Christian if god saved me from the Uluilakeba Ship sinking God will also save me from this Prison.

I am now a Taxi Driver and also I got Truck licence. My brother just died two months ago in Iraq. He was a Security Driver. The funeral was held in Valelevu Fiji.
Thanks for sharing the story of my life and may God Bless you.

from Wendy
The photo I added is a cropped version of a picture taken by Erica.


Wilson said...

everyone's got their own story to tell...

Anonymous said...

Taxis Driver

I spent four years in Sydney ad I was attending the Fiji National Conferance and met you there. Really what happen then I was overstayed and deported back to Fiji.

I learned some good lessons while I was in Australia when I arrived in Fiji I worked as a Taxis driver untill I bought this one last year.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Is this the same taxi driver or another one?

Anonymous said...

Taxi driver?
The second taxi driver was good enough to wait for me last night a Tauvu from Ra
His charge was a bit extra from Carningham to Namadi Hight but I was happy to pay him.
A little bit less then taking a taxi from the Geelong train station to 13 boundary Road