Monday, July 23, 2007

The Kava Petition

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Browsing on a link to an Australian Fiji site, I saw this piece about banning the importation of kava. Is that correct? I had heard a whisper about it, but did not hear the full story. So what's happening?

Sign the Fiji Kava petition

The new Australian government Kava import restrictions introduced on June 27th is a grevious unjustifiable wrong committed against Australian citizens of Pacific Island descent. It fails to recognise the central role Kava ceremonies play in Pacific Island cultures and traditions.

You dear website visitor, can make a difference for the good by signing our electronic Kava petition today. The objective of this petition is to bring to the attention of the authorities the legitimate concerns of the Pacific Island Communities in Australia in relation to the bans on Kava imports.

We can all quietly turn our backs and walk away or choose to take an ethical approach by working to overturn the ban. How can you help? Talk to friends about it, your work mates. Email contacts who may want to sign the petition. Talk to the media, to local MPs. Be pro-active in your own personal area. The goal should be to expand this petition so that it reflects a sizable number of objections in one centralised location that is accesible to all. Please support the petition.


Derek said...

Hi, This Kava ban has also shut down a great place Adelaideians love going.

I've done an interview with the owner of the "Kava Hut" in Adelaide, South Australia about the ban.

Spread the word! People don't even know about this issue.

Pandabonium said...

There should be a focus on abuse and alcohol in Canberra instead of petty actions like this. What's wrong with these people. They remind of the right wing hypocrites in Washington DC.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Thank you Derek and Panda for your comments. I wonder if air passengers can still bring 2 kilos back from Fiji.
The ban I suppose is related to abuse that occurred in Northern Territory at one time - but in my opinion alcohol causes a lot more damage than kava!