Monday, July 09, 2007

My visit to Vorovoro Island

from Peceli,
My visit to Vorovoro

Ratu Beni I met Ben Keene the founder of the Tribewanted when I was in Labasa a few weeks ago. I felt so warm and happy to see the members of the tribes and also my blood relations on the Island of Vorovoro. I was there the night of the farewell to Raina, one of the girls. On that night I did not sleep till 3 in the morning at Tui Mali’s house after drinking kava and sharing stories.

The School Projects
Thanks to the Tribewanted members for looking after the School library and their interest in the communities in the Island of Mali. The current project is to make better use of the generator at the school and teachers’ quarters by wiring the whole system. This generator was given by the Commissioner Northern and computers were given by Donation in Kind in Geelong. It is the responsibility of the Mali people to look after the maintenance and organize the wiring.

Methodist Conference
While I was with Tui Mali we talked about the plans for the Methodist Conference in Macuata 27 August to 2 Spetember 2007. Mali Island people will be helping with hospitality for the coming Methodist Conference in Macuata. They will look after delegates from Namoli Division in Lautoka and others. The Mali Talatala lives in Ligaulevu village close to the Mali District School . The nearby village of Nakawaga is known for the special skills for fishermen. This village is close to the chiefly island of Vorovoro Island.

Nakawaga will be used to house the Methodist conference members. More likely the visitors to Mali in the Conference will leave early at 6 30 am every morning by an outboard to Malau Port and then go by bus to Naduri village for the Conference, an hour away. I suppose their menu will be fish.

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