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Can you live on $5000F a year?

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In Fiji Methodist ministers pay is $5000Fijian per year and those on probabion $4500F.  I wonder if they can live on this. Okay, they probably have a food garden and do receive gifts at times.  Do those who work in towns such as Lautoka and Suva get a bonus for not having a plantation?   I think this is not enough to raise a family on. The story is in the Fiji Times.  By comparision, in Australia a Uniting Church minister's salary is perhaps $60,000 ($54,000 plus superannuation contribution by the church).  When Peceli was a minister in the mountains of Naikoro his salary was 11 pounds a month, but sometimes the people didn't even have that to pay him, so perhaps times are better now!

Nawadra raises concern on pay of church ministers
By Watisoni Butabua
Tuesday 25/08/2015

The Methodist Church President Reverend Dr. Tevita Nawadra.
The Methodist Church President Reverend Dr. Tevita Nawadra has raised concerns about the basic pay of the church ministers per year.
Speaking during the opening of the Annual Conference at the Centenary Church, Nawadra says this is not easy because it involves money.
He says currently the ordained ministers basic salary is $5,000 while those who are on probation are paid $4,500.
He says the ordained deaconesses are paid $4,500 per annum while those who are on probation receive $4,000 per year.
Nawadra says he has heard stories of church ministers seeking financial assistance for their children’s tertiary level education.
He says the basic salary for the church ministers will be reviewed.
The Church President adds that the church ministers are paid from the circuits they serve.

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