Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sugar cane trains

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A familiar sight of the small sugar cane trains running around the Labasa district might be no more. Instead there would be more trucks on the already busy roads. Farmers are not happy it seems.
from Fiji FBC
Farmers concern over railway closure
Thursday, January 20, 2011

Labasa sugarcane farmers have expressed concern at the possible closure of the railway network system by the Fiji Sugar Corporation. The FSC announced last year that the closure of the rail network system is a real possibility.

National Farmers Union president – Surendra Lal says farmers who completely rely on the rail system will suffer as poor farmers will not be able to afford the lorry costs.

‘This is a serious issue confronted by growers now as the FSC has indicated in 2010 season, they are likely to close the railway network system. Areas like Daku, Wainikoro where farmers are predominantly dependent on rail system. We have written to FSC indicating that there’s willingness for farmers to retain the railway network system.’

The FSC says they are looking at various options at the moment, and no decision has been made.

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