Sunday, January 02, 2011

And now for some drau-ni-moli

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The lavish meals seems to have been going on for ten days so it's time now to fast a bit and surely drink only drau-in-moli (lemon-leaf tea) and eat plain biscuits! Every day has been a feast of some kind - here, or visiting friends, or after the Fijian church in Altona Meadows/Laverton. Of course laughter and stories and food all go together and we thank God for the richness of family life and for reliable friends. We've had about eight or nine people sleeping in our compound and now have a vakatunaloa set up outside - it was an open walled car port and now has mats etc.

Anyway today we'll start our long walks to get fit again! A New Year resolution.

The pictures were taken at Wyndam Vale at the home of Sailosi Koto.

Recipe for drau-ni-moli. Start boiling the kettle. Put in about six to eight fresh lemon leaves and boil. That's it. You can still use milk and sugar with it. It doesn't curdle. Enjoy. A frugal drink that they used to joke about in Fiji.

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