Monday, January 24, 2011

How quaint the local culture is!

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How often do you hear a tourist in Fiji say something like 'How quaint the local culture is. How different. How interesting.' Well, the boots on the other foot here as two rather 'cool' Fijian youth and their Dad explore one of the colourful lanes of Melbourne's CBD with the walls painted over with graffiti. Some members of our family were in Melbourne today for an important errand and on the way back to the railway station we discovered this interesting place. A different culture indeed. There's been a shift in views about mainly anonymous paintings on the walls of buildings - it used to be condemned but the standard of this kind of art is different from the tags and scribbles that is also associated with the painting on someone's else's 'canvas'. I say - how beautiful some of the paintings are with such energy and talent and it's good to acknowledge the passion of the artists.

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