Monday, November 15, 2010

Fire dancing is dangerous

Fijian fire dancing (not at the museum).
from w
Here is a strange story from the Fiji Times today. What do they mean 'intoxicated guests'? Should fire dancers and intoxicated guests be allowed to roam free in the very important cultural archive the Fiji Museum? I think the event was the 25th anniversary of some computer company and my son said he should have been there. No, he's not a fire dancer.
From Fiji Times
Chemical fire
A 25th anniversary celebration almost wiped out our 200-year history at the Fiji Museum on Friday night. A fiery dance group of teenaged girls and boys were performing a fire-dance when kerosene they were using spilt on to the floor and burst into flames in front of guests as well as the Ra Marama replica that stood not more than 15 metres away. The dancers attempted putting the fire out with water but induced the "chemical fire". Intoxicated guests rushed in and helped put the fire out.

To watch a video of this 'event' go to youtube A Night at the Fiji Museum


Anonymous said...

Couldn't find a contact for you. Wondered if you had seen this--

The postcard looks like one of those touristy type things. However, I do have a Fiji museum card of the leg bones stashed in a tree (1876).

(parties don't belong in a museum, especially one with so many irreplaceble flammables. But spilled food, candle soot, etc. are also bad for organic heritage. I really enjoyed my visit to the museum and would most love to return to help with Fiji's heritage) said...

Quite worthwhile information, thanks for your post.