Sunday, November 21, 2010

Big brother watching and little brother too

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Communications technology today is truly amazing. Here's a photo of a $25 webcam on our main computer, an eye staring at us for visually communicating with Skype. The posterboy behind is of a baby tawny frogmouth, a favourite bird as there are some to handfeed at Serendip Sanctuary not far away. Eyes staring at us everytime we log on. Even in babasiga land, technology means that facebook is almost replacing email these days for sending messages. Someone recently resigned in Fiji by sending an email. Perhaps others just Twitter. Hand-held devices these days are so small but can do amazing things. Our Fijian grandchildren are teaching us about these 'everyday' items. When I was their age we only had one radio in the house, music was on discs, and the telephone was used sparingly. when Peceli was there age perhaps there was only the radio. There still is a place though for personalising messages when there is something of great drama or importance using the known networks.

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